How to Secure Your Outside Mount Blinds

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Electronic stud finder

Outside mount blinds are simply mounted on the outer opening of your window which are attach either to a frame or wood trim surrounding a wall or a window. Outside mounts are perfect for windows with no or very little window depth. Thus, there’s a minimum quantity of flat space needed for your outside mount blinds.

Step 1 – Settle on the Blinds to Use

Once you change your room’s or home’s window treatment as well as add blinds, first settle on whether you prefer to hang the blinds along the window’s outside mount along the interior or frame. Place the blinds along the outside portion when you prefer to hide an unattractive frame or make your window seem larger. Get an outside mount dimension for the blinds prior you buy them.

Decide as well whether you prefer to secure the blinds on top of the wood trim or beside the sides or directly along the wood trimmings. Prior you take as well as outside mount measurement your blinds. You should know its precise measurement.

Step 2 – Measure Your Window’s Outer Border

Measure the window’s outside edge’s width starting from the top casing, the middle then the bottom portion, using your pencil and tape measure. Note down each measurement using a pencil and paper.

Arrange the blinds to your window frame then re-measure the size of the frame from side to side starting again from the top, middle then bottom window measurements. You can round it to the nearest 1/8 inch for uniformity and prefer the blinds to end before the border.

Step 3 – Measure Your Window’s Height and Other Dimensions

Next, measure the outside border of the window’s height casing along the middle, left as well as right sides of your window. Once you’re done with all the measurements, note the part which requires the most length of blinds to proportion your blinds. Now, mount the blinds on top of the window’s frame. You can set them up according to your preference if you have a level surface over the frame. Get the width outside mount dimension intended for the blinds. Remember that the majority of blinds require a 1 1/2-inch overlap along each side, thus add three inches to your recorded measurements. Solar or Roller shades require a 2-inch overlap along every side of your window’s frame and trim.

Step 4 – Secure Your Outside Mount Blinds

Mounting your window’s blind brackets is typically the most complex step if hanging a blind. Lengthen the outside mount’s bottom and measure the top, middle and bottom portions of the blind to verify if it will fit the window. Also, add at least two inches, or the precise measurement which the bracket is on top of the frame, and then add it to your measurement notes.

Take note that in securing your outside mount blinds, you need to add extra height and width to the blind that will provide you a well covered window. Purchase only a blind which will sit near enough to the wall in order to lessen the amount of light coming in.