How to Secure Your Patio Arbor in the Ground

What You'll Need
Wheel barrow

Securing your new patio arbor into the ground is a piece of cake. Typically you will find that it really only takes a few steps and materials to make sure that the arbor is secure and safe and that it looks amazing. Here are some tools that you need and a guide to help you through this project.

Step 1 - Prepare the Ground

Preparing the ground is one of the most important steps when it comes to making sure that the arbor stays in place and that it has a clean and sturdy place to hold it in. The first thing you will want to do is rake to make sure that you get any chunks or rocks out that didn't need to be there. Then, you can fill in any holes that you find and level the surface. You may want to take this time to buy more soil or sand in order to level everything out and ensure that you have a good foundation to build on.

Step 2 - Cut the lumber

Cutting the lumber is another important step to making sure that the patio arbor stays in tight and is secure. The key to making sure that the lumber sticks into the ground is to cut it on an angle at the bottom. Once you have finished cutting your regular piece, take the saw and cut a little stake into the bottom so that it will stick into the ground and stay in there. Then, once they are placed into the ground, you can hammer them in further and then pack the dirt and soil around them to hold them in even more securely.

Step 3 - Secure with Cement

Finally, you will need to use cement in order to make posts and hold in the stakes that you just installed. To do this, mix cement and water in a wheel barrow according to the instructions that come with it. You can typically know you are on the right track when the consistency is like that of cake batter. You want it to be thick so that it will harden quickly, but you also want to be able to pour it and make sure it is watery enough for that. Continue to mix it so that you don't have problems pouring it. You may want to enlist the help of a partner so that one person can hold the pole while the other pours.

Once you have mixed the cement you can dig the holes in the ground to put the mixture in. You will typically want to dig out 4 holes in a rectangle making sure they are even so that the posts can be secure. Besides those holes and pouring cement in, you may also want to use cement around the edges of the base that you had made earlier. You can pour it in around the lumber stakes to make sure that the base doesn't budge at all.