How to Select Outdoor Shower Fixtures

An outdoor shower.

Choosing outdoor shower fixtures can be inexpensive, durable, and functional. You can spend a lot of money on features similar to an indoor shower, but keep in mind that outdoor conditions are much harsher, and your expensive equipment may not last very long.

Best Materials

The best materials for an outdoor shower head is a plain metal fixture. Stainless steel is a good choice, but any type of metal shower fixtures will stand up to the elements better than plastic or nylon. Depending on how simple you want to keep the arrangement, you may be able to pick up a cheap sprinkler head that works as well as any specially-designed shower head.

Styles and Features

Pulse and massage settings are nice, but they really have no place on an outdoor shower faucet. The engineering required will have trouble standing up to extremes of heat and cold, and the ultraviolet light from the sun is likely to cause the materials to deteriorate faster. You can get a solidly built outdoor shower head with more luxurious features, but avoid models with small knobs or levers that may be easily jammed or broken.