Advice on Selecting the Best Basement Sump Pump

sump pump

A basement sump pump prevent the common problem of basement flooding. Choosing the right system for your home will save you money in costly repairs later on. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Power Ability

The amount of power you need for your sump pump will be determined by the flood threat, not the size of the home or basement. The best pumps discharge 1-gallon per second while maintaining adequate pumping capacity based on the height of the basement.

In plain English, measure the size of your basement from floor to ceiling. The sump pump will need to be able to discharge enough water to fill the basement. While the odds of a basement flooding to the ceiling are minuscule, you want to be sure that the sump pump can handle a large capacity.

Case Housing

Sump pumps are available in a variety of styled. Many homeowners opt for a thin sheet metal type. While this will help over a short period of time, the thin casings are not meant to be permanent solutions. A cast iron casing will be more expensive, but it will last a lifetime. Plastic casings should only be used in areas with very low flood risks or as a temporary solution.

A sump pump can protect your home from flooding. Even if you live in a relatively dry area, it is an investment worth considering.