How to Sell a Used Car Engine

The time may have come when you want to sell a used car or a working part of it such as the engine. Many garages rely on the business generated from selling used parts and this is very easy to do.

Step 1: Preparation

You need to get the used car engine ready for sale. No one is going to buy the used engine if it looks as though it is about to fall apart. Spend some time cleaning it and making sure that are all of the parts are working and maintained. Pay particular attention to oil leaks, filters and gaskets

Step 2: Advertise

You can use a number of services to advertise the used engine. You can list it on an online auction site or you can simply take it to a parts brokers and sell it there. You need to advertise in the right places. Use car magazines, leaflets and websites and you will sell the used engine a lot faster.

Step 3: Pricing

You need to price the used car engine correctly. Look at similar engine parts and set a similar price. If you advertise in a car magazine, they will often suggest a price which should help you optimize the sale. Never overprice a used car engine.