How to Sell Your Music on the Internet

Justin Bieber did it, and you can, too – sell your music on the Internet. Bieber is a 16-year-old musical superstar who launched his career with—literally—online hits. His introduction to the world came on, and the native Canadian now appears on television screens around the world. He is not the first to build a name through cyberspace, but he is the most successful in the music business. You can follow him to stardom with some hard work and planning. The World Wide Web is a limitless forum for creative minds.

Tools and Materials

  • Computer
  • Recording studio software
  • Webcam
  • Microphone

Step 1 – Getting it Together

First and foremost, you’ll need a computer. Get one with at least 500 gigabytes of memory, because you will need a great deal of practice. While audio recordings take a relatively small amount of computer space, you will probably want video to observe your style and make adjustments. That takes quite a few more gigabytes. Quality software is also vital to any home recording studio. Several companies produce products popular across cyberspace. Among the best are Reason and Ableton Live; both priced in the $300 range. Among the more economical programs is Pro Tools LE 8, which costs about half as much. Others include AudioMulch, Acid Pro, Komplete, and Sound Forge. Find a quiet room in your home to set up the studio.

Step 2 – Recording the Tracks

Your performance need not be perfect every time. A proven studio mixing program can fix most of your flaws. Even simple webcams and imbedded microphones can capture quality sounds. Take your time; try and try again. Be your own critic and your own biggest fan.

Step 3 – Mixing the Music

Using the studio program of your choice; cut and paste the performances together for the best possible production. In its final form, you can choose from a variety of formats: MP3, WMA, WAV, or MPEG, for example.

Step 4 – Sharing the Songs

Cyberspace today is filled with social sites and shared networks where musicians can broadcast their music to the world. The problem with them is that most are free. Millions have posted songs, movies, and other forms of entertainment on to no fanfare whatsoever. and are also widely used for sharing creative talents.

Step 4 – Making the Money

So you have made sweet music now and you have nothing to show for it. Your friends have become fans, as well as many strangers who’ve discovered you on the social networking sites. Now it’s time to develop your own web site. Buy a domain and develop yourself a home page. Focus on the songs you’ve become identified with among your friends. You then need to link to every online post, compliment, and comment about your music. Advertise sales of your CD and keep your home page fresh. Start getting hits on your website and you can become a hit yourself. Spend some cash to bring in advertisers and be patient. Those online hits will eventually sell your music.