How to Separate Bonded PVC Pipes

PVC pipes.
  • 1-2 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 30-50
What You'll Need
Blade holder
Utility knife

PVC pipes that have been bonded together are nearly impossible to break apart from each other. When PVC pipes have been cemented together it forms what only could be described as a weld. Taking apart uncemented PVC pipes is easy to do with a wrench. The article that follows will show you how to separate bonded PVC pipes.

Step 1 - Cut the Seal

Locate where the PVC pipes have been bonded. Use the utility knife to cut the bonding material along the diameter of the pipe. Try to make the cut under the pipe where they connect. This is typically the strongest area.

Step 2 - Saw the Pipe

Remove the blade from the hacksaw and place it in the blade holder. Use a blade the width of the pipe. Gently saw the pipe where they connect to slightly score the area around the diameter of the pipe. Do not cut into the top pipe.

Step 3 - Separate the PVC Pipes

Place the chisel somewhere along the seam. It should be a very sharp chisel. Use the hammer and gently tap the chisel. Do this along the diameter until the pieces loosen.