How to Set a Snap On Torque Wrench

What You'll Need
Snap on torque wrench
Work gloves

A snap on torque wrench is the easiest wrench to use. Read on to find out the difference between torque wrenches and understand how to set the snap on torque wrench.

Step 1 – Safety

While setting the snap on torque wrench make sure you follow the necessary safety precautions. Wear work gloves at all times for your safety as well as for a better grip.

Step 2 – Prep Work

The functioning of the snap on torque wrench is exhibited in the sound that it generates while in action. So make sure that you are working in an environment where there is minimal or no background noise.

Step 3 – The Torque Level

Before you start off on setting the torque levels on your wrench you need to know the appropriate amount for the appliance in question. Most of the appliance comes with a manual that recommends the specific amount of torque that can be applied.

Step 4 – For Manual Wrench

To set the snap on torque wrench, you need to make some settings on the wrench. If you have a manual wrench, the markings will be located at the head of the torque wrench. This is a dial torque and you can adjust the torque setting by turning the outer ring to the required amount of torque till it coincides with the mark on the indicator.

Step 5 – Marks on the Handle

In a manual wrench, the marks can also be found on the torque wrench's handle. You can establish the exact amount of torque by first holding the handle to the appropriate amount then push the grip and move in the clockwise direction till it coincides with the mark on the handle.

Step 6 – How it Works

The torque wrench will keep generating a click sound. The clicking will go on until the exact amount of torque has been applied to the bolts of the appliance.

Step 7 – Battery

Examine your snap on torque wrench. The bottom of the wrench will have a cap that can be unscrewed. Introduce 3 batteries which are AA+ into this slot. The positive side should face the head of the torque wrench.

Step 8 – Turn it On

In this step, you need to turn the wrench on. This can be done by depressing the round button. As soon as you press the button the screen will come to life.

Step 9 – Key the Units

After the torque shows display, you need to key in the exact amount. The U on the unit will help you key in the exact amount. Keep pressing it till you get the right setting.

Step 10 – Adjust

You can also adjust the torque setting. The up and down buttons will help you increase or decrease the setting.

Step 11 – Apply

Having set the right amount of torque you can now proceed with the job at hand. Place the wrench on the bolt of the appliance and turn the wrench. The job has been completed successfully when you hear beeps and the handle starts vibrating.

Step 12 – Caution

This device is a very powerful tool. Do not over estimate the torque required. This will cause the bolts to crack.