How to Set Anchor Bolts in Concrete

What You'll Need
Anchor Bolts
Anchor Bolt forms
Measuring tape

Anchor bolts are heavy duty fasteners used in various construction projects, such as attaching wooden frames to concrete walls, anchoring shear walls, wall panelling and other heavy duty building projects.  Anchor bolts have threaded ends which will allow a nut or a washer to be inserted at the end to secure wall forms and other construction portions into a concrete slab foundation.

Anchor bolts come in many types which are unique according to manufacturer, such as anchor bolts with ends bent like a hook. However, the most common type of anchor bolts is the cast-in-place anchor bolts. Cast-in-place anchor bolts have hexagonal bolt ends which are cast into a wet concrete. Below are the materials that you need along with the procedures on how to cast anchor bolts in concrete.

Step 1-Prepare the Concrete Forms

Have your concrete forms ready prior to the installation of the anchor bolts. Concrete forms are either wooden boards or steel plates that are used to hold the concrete together during the hardening and curing period.

Step 2-Mark the Concrete Bolts Positions

Using a measuring tape and a pencil, mark the position of the anchor bolts in the concrete forms. This mark will serve as a guide in placing the holders of the anchor bolt. There is a need to properly mark the position of your anchor bolts, as it is very difficult to move an anchor bolt when it is already placed on dry and cured concrete.

Step 3-Install the Anchor Bolt Holders

Nail the anchor bolt holders directly on top of the guide marks on Step 2. Positioning the anchor bolt holders on the guide marks will make sure that the anchor bolt holders are in the proper place where the anchor bolts will be inserted. Aside from serving as positioning guides, anchor bolt holders are also useful in keeping the threads of your anchor bolts clean of concrete splash and preventing thread damage.

Step 4-Install the Anchor Bolts

Using a wrench, screw the anchor bolts into the anchor bolt holders. Anchor bolts come with guide marks that are useful in positioning the anchor bolts in its proper height. Screw the anchor bolts in the desired height and depth.

Step 5-Pour Concrete

Slowly pour concrete into the concrete form. Allow the poured concrete to flow onto the anchor bolts and stop pouring when it reaches the right level relative to your concrete form

Step 6-Allow the Concrete to Dry

Allow the concrete to dry before removing the anchor bolt holders to make sure that the anchor bolts are not knocked off position. Concrete bolt holders can be removed by unthreading the cap of the concrete bolt. The drying and curing time of your concrete depends on the type of concrete mix that you are using.

Step 6-Remove the Concrete Forms

Remove the concrete forms using a hammer for wooden concrete forms and a heavy duty wrench for steel plate concrete forms.