How to Set Band Saw Blade Teeth How to Set Band Saw Blade Teeth

What You'll Need
Band saw blades
Material to cut

A band saw blade can be set to different teeth in order to cut through different materials. Band saws are one of the most commonly used tools in a workshop and are very useful tools. A band saw gets a lot of use because it can be used for metalwork, craft work and also woodwork. It's an extremely versatile tool which should be a part of almost every single workshop in the world.

The saws can cut through almost every single material with a different type of blade. The blades have teeth which are set in a different pattern. It's not possible to adjust the set of the teeth yourself, but you can learn how to choose the right blade which has the right type of teeth, Choosing blades isn't actually that difficult as long as you do your research.

Step 1 - Deciding What to Cut

You first need to think about the materials that you will be cutting, you can cut anything with the same saw but might need a different blade. Until you know what you are going to be cutting you won't be able to choose the type of blade which will offer you the best cut and the best features.

Step 2 - Choosing the Blade

Now you know what you are cutting it's time to choose the type of blade. If you're cutting something thin then use a regular band saw blade. This is also useful if you're cutting out intricate details.

If you're cutting anything soft, metals, wood or plastics then a skip tooth blade will work well. These are designed to minimize the chances of the blade snagging and clogging up with swarf.

Any cuts into a thick material such as wood, metal or plastic should use a hook tooth blade. These have angled teeth which make cutting through thick materials much quicker.

Step 3 - Choosing the Tooth Set

When cutting metal using a horizontal band saw a raker tooth set should be used, this is where the teeth are separated so one is pointing to the left, one to the right and one in the center.

For accurate and quick cutting through wood a straight tooth set or alternate tooth set should be used.

A wavy tooth set is ideal for cutting through small items like pipes and this has 32 teeth per inch.

Step 4 - Blade Width

The band saw you have will only be compatible with a certain width of blade. Check through the instructions for your machine and choose a blade which is compatible.

Step 5 - Testing

Whenever you're using a new saw blade it's always a good idea to test cutting using a scrap piece of material. Cut through the scrap off cut to check that you are happy with the finished cut before cutting the actual material.

There are many things which you need to consider when buying band saw blades especially when it comes to setting the teeth. With a bit of experience you should know how to choose the best saw blades to get the best results.


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