How to Set Posts for a Pole Barn

A pole barn.
  • 10-15 hours
  • Advanced
  • 600-1,200
What You'll Need
A power auger or a handheld posthole digger
Concrete and soil from digging the holes
Wooden stakes
Treated posts

A pole barn can have a variety of uses such as storing motor vehicles, agricultural products, or housing livestock. A pole building can be easy to erect but for successful pole barn construction, the poles must be set correctly. If you require a pole building, you can choose to hire a contractor or you could build one yourself and admire the handiwork on your finished product.

Step 1 - Make Out the Area

Before you start your pole barn construction you will need to make out the area. Start by using stakes and string to mark the location of the poles. The string will help to ensure that the posts are perfectly in line. Mark out the corners first and make sure that they are at exactly 90 degrees.

Step 2 - Place Equally Spaced Stakes

Make sure that the stakes are equally spaced. They will need to be roughly 8 feet apart but this will depend on the size of your pole barn so adjust accordingly.

Step 3 - Dig Holes

Use a power auger to dig deep holes. An average hole is generally 4 feet deep but on occasion, they can be up to 10 feet deep. This will largely depend on your soil type, and the likelihood of frost. If you live in cooler areas, you will need to ensure that the depth of the holes is below frost level.

Step 4 - Add Corner Posts

Start putting your corner posts into place. The corner posts will form part of the framing process and provide an initial outlay of the pole building.

Step 5 - Pour Concrete

Pour concrete into the hole around the post. The concrete will keep the post in place and it will add strength and support to the finished building. To save money, you can refill the hole with half of the remaining soil and half concrete.

Step 6 - Lay External Wall Posts

Once all the corner posts have been put into place, you will need to start laying the posts for the external walls. Use the stake markers that were placed before construction began and follow the same process that you did for setting the corner posts into place.

Step 7 - Check for Level Posts

When all of the posts have been laid and the concrete is set, you will need to ensure that the posts are level. Use a carpenter’s level to check them. If your posts are not level, it will make putting a roof into place a lot harder and in some cases the posts might have to be removed and reset.

Step 8 - Pour More Concrete

Pour more concrete onto the floor space so that it extends to your posts. This concrete slap will create a solid base for your pole barn construction and will add maximum support to the pole barn construction. Add a fiber mesh to your floor as this will prevent the concrete from cracking.