How to Set Posts for a Portable Carport

What You'll Need
A roomy work area
Carport, posts and screws
Waterproof tape
Help from friends
Anchoring system (optional)

A portable carport is extremely effective in keeping your car sheltered at all times. It consists of posts with a waterproof roof on top. The fact that it’s portable allows you to carry it along wherever you move. The carports are available in many home stores and can be found in a variety of materials.

The portable carports available today are convenient and designed for easy use. They are movable and easily to store. They can be used not only for sheltering your vehicle but you can also protect other materials from outdoor damage. Portable carports come with easy to use instruction manuals and any one can put together a portable carport within a short time. In this article we will learn how to set posts for a portable carport.

Step 1 - Preparation and Assembling the Roof

Find an area to work in undisturbed for a few hours. Unpack the components and lay them out so that you can distinguish them easily and reach for them without stopping in the middle of a task. Count the pieces to make sure everything you need is there.

Carport roofs are mainly vinyl or aluminum and are paneled. Take the pipes and connect them together. The pipes can slide into each other and you can further secure the frame with screws. The entire frame should look like a large piece of continuous metal. You can also use waterproof tape at this point if needed.

Step 2 - Adding the Posts

Make sure you are at the place where you want your carport. You can secure the posts in earth or fix it in a way that’s convenient. The poles need to be firmly in place to protect the carport from strong winds and potential damage to the car.

Slide the posts in place and screw them together if needed. When the poles are ready attach them to the roof section on all the four sides. The poles will slide into place and may need to be secured with screws. For the final step you will need a few friends to help. Take a break if you need one.

Step 3 - Final Step

Your friends can now help you lift the roof and place over the frame. Make sure that it is aligned correctly. Make sure the poles are secure and steady on the ground. Place the legs in appropriate holes or the bottom of side poles whichever is convenient. Use the straps provided to further secure the portable carport on all sides. The type of attachment varies for different styles.

You can even secure the entire portable carport by using an anchoring system. You now have a safe and secure portable carport ready to use. The portable carports will allow you to park your vehicle underneath it. It is open on the sides but prevents damage from the top. In case you do not have a garage then this is an ideal solution. You can attach it to your home or have it free standing.