How to Set Sprinklers

What You'll Need
Tape Measure
Sprinkler System
1 - 5 Gallon Bucket
Sprinkler Caps
Sprinkler Pipes
Sprinkler Timer
Sprinkler Valves
Sprinkler Pipe Fittings

Learning how to set sprinklers is not a difficult process by any means, but it is a more technical type of DIY project for your home and garden because it involves placing your sprinkler heads in the right places for the maximum amount of lawn exposure.

Step 1: Measure Property

First and foremost you should be measuring your property so that you are aware of what area you need to cover with your sprinkler system. Make sure to note in your measurements where there is higher ground or where slopes are present, as well as which areas receive more sun than others within your yard.

Step 2: Determine Flow Rate

Now you are going to want to determine the flow rate for the sprinklers that you have purchased, which is a number that is typically figured in terms of GPM or gallons per minute. Use a bucket that is between 1 and 5 gallons and record how many gallons are filled in one minute.

Step 3: Purchase Materials

Now you can purchase the materials you need to put your sprinkler system together for real. Now that you have a good idea of how many sprinklers you are going to need, you can buy the necessary length of piping and other materials that you need including pipe fittings, valves, caps and a timer in order to make everything work. You should be more than capable of finding everything that you need in your area at a local hardware outlet.

Step 4: Set a Bare Bones Sprinklers System Up

Setting up a bare bones system of sprinklers in your lawn is going to give you the most accurate look at how many sprinklers you are actually going to need as well as how much of your yard you are actually capable of covering using the measurements that you originally took. You should set sprinklers up in each of your lawn's corners as well as along each side. No two sprinklers should be more than 15 feet apart in distance, because this is usually the most distance that the sprinklers will be able to cover.

You do not need to install the sprinklers yet, as you can simply measure the distance between sprinklers to determine if more or less are needed based on the capabilities of the sprinklers you purchased.

Step 5: Install the System

Now you are ready to install your sprinklers. Dig your trenches to install the necessary piping. Make sure that you are steering clear of any area containing electrical wiring. Connect the pipes and the valves beforehand to make sure that everything properly connects.

Run water through each pipe beforehand to make sure that they are debris and leakage free before burying them beneath the speakers using gravel in order to help with the drainage. Make sure to test out the system to make sure that it is covering everything, and make adjustments as it is necessary to make sure that your entire lawn is properly covered.

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