How to Set a Steam Sauna

A woman in a steam sauna.

A steam sauna can help improve the mental and physical status of many users. When using a steam sauna it improves blood circulation, metabolism, and helps relieve stress.


The temperature should ideally range from 160 to 190 degrees Fahrenheit. The relative humidity levels should be between 10% and 30%. The relative humidity levels are controlled by the amount of water that’s sprinkled onto the hot rocks.

Using these levels will assure the optimal quality of your spa experience.

Other Options for a Steam Sauna

If you use your steam sauna regularly you may want to try some of these options to make it an even more enjoyable experience.

Make sure you have a comfortable seat installed to relax in. This is especially true if you use it a few times a week to relieve stress. You may want to install waterproof speakers into your steam sauna. This will create even more of a relaxing environment as you can listen to relaxing music. Make sure the steam nozzles of the steam sauna are away from the seating area. This will prevent the condensing water from dripping down on you.