How to Set Tile with Isolation Membrane

The isolation membrane prevents transmission of any flooring problems from the floor to the tiles. It evens out the surface and provides a firm foundation for tiling.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Isolation membrane
  • flooring roller
  • utility knife
  • thinset
  • grout
  • trowel
  • sponge
  • mixing containers
  • tile spacers

Step 1- Preparing the surface

Sweep the surface to eliminate particles that may make the floor uneven.

Step 2- Applying the thinset

In the mixing container, prepare the thinset and apply it on the floor with the trowel. This will act as the bonding agent between the floor and the isolation membrane. Leave part of the mixture for use in the tiling stage.

Step 3- Spreading the isolation membrane

Using the floor roller, roll out the isolation membrane onto the bonding agent (thin set) and cut the ends with the knife. Ensure that air bubbles are not left underneath by running the roller on top of the isolation membrane. Leave it to dry, depending with the instructions indicated in the packaging.

Step 4- The tilling stage

Apply the rest of the thinset on top of the isolation membrane, and fit the tiles on top. Fit the tile spacers, then leave the thinset to dry for a while.

Step 5- Applying grout

Use the mixing container to prepare grout, and then pour it between the tiles. Use the sponge to clean up the excess from the tile’s surface.