How to Set up a Portable Outdoor Clothesline

What You'll Need
6 Feet Long Plastic Pipe (slightly larger in diameter than clothesline post)
Hand Saw
Posthole digger or Shovel
Bag of Posthole Cement & Water
Clothesline Pulleys
Clothesline Post
Clothesline Tightener

Outdoor clothesline hangers are a perfect way to dry your clothes for hanging. In fact, hanging clothes outdoors is the best drying method because they dry faster thanks to natural air circulation and heat from the sun. Moreover, portable outdoor clotheslines are easily assembled and don’t take a lot of space.

Step 1 – Getting Prepared

When trying to set up a portable outdoor clothesline it is important to first and foremost choose with care the most suitable place to set up your outdoor clothesline. T-bar clotheslines require more space than the umbrella shape clothesline. Moreover, the umbrella clothesline can be constructed in such a way that it becomes portable because it is removable. It is important to set up the clothesline away from overhanging trees, tree sap and wires, walking paths or gardening areas.

Step 2 – Setting the Base

In order to set up your umbrella portable clothesline you will need to dig up a 3 foot deep hole in which to place the clothesline post. Before starting digging the hole it is always important to check with local authorities for any present cable, phone or power wiring and any water pipes in the desired area. Now get the posthole digger and dig a 3 foot deep hole.

Step 3 – Creating the Removable Part

Now prepare the plastic pipe to be inserted in the post hole. Cover one end of the pipe (the part which will be inserted in the cement) so that it doesn’t fill up with cement when you put it in place. Then, mix the posthole cement with water in a bucket to the specifications indicated on the directions label on the cement bag. Once you get the mixture ready you can pour it in the hole you dug in step 2 and place the plastic pipe.

As soon as you place the pipe in the hole you should use your level to check that it is straight. If the pipe is leaning to one side this is the time to fix it. At this point you should allow the cement to dry overnight.

Step 4 – Assembling the Umbrella Clothesline

Once the cement has dried you can use the hand saw to cut off the pipe at ground level so that when the clothesline is not in place you will not trip on the pipe. Now you can place your clothesline post in place. The pipe in the cement should hold the clothesline post cradled in place without any trouble. At this point you can assemble the umbrella clothesline by installing pulleys onto the clothesline itself (clothesline and clothesline pulleys are easily found in home stores at a very cheap price complete with instructions). As soon as you have assembled the clothes lines you should install clothes line tighteners between the lines to keep them taut when they are burdened with clothes.

This is the easiest way to set up your portable outdoor clothesline. If you would want to move the clothesline around all you have to do is install a second pipe in the newly designated area and switch the clothesline to the new position. All you would have to do is slide the post out of the pipe.