How to Set up a Portable Outdoor Shower

What You'll Need
Garden hose
Water spigot
Portable outdoor shower

A portable outdoor shower is a good thing to have when you are traveling in an RV or camping and you have no access to hotels or campgrounds. This type of shower is easy to build yourself out of easily found materials. You can also purchase a portable shower from hunting and fishing stores as well as large department stores. The principle behind the portable outdoor shower is that it uses gravity to propel the water onto you. Follow the steps below to successfully set up a purchased portable outdoor shower with little effort.

Step 1 - Placing the Portable Outdoor Shower

Where you place the portable outdoor shower goes a long way in its proper operation. Since these work on water pressure and gravity it is important to place it close to the water source. If the portable outdoor shower is placed in a location far from the water spigot then the water may not reach the shower. The closer you are to the water source, the more water pressure you will have. This pressure propels the water through the hose, up the hollow shaft of the portable shower and then through the shower head. You will also need a place where you can safely secure the shower to because the pressure from the water and weight of the shower can cause it to be unsteady.

Step 2 - Setting up the Outdoor Shower

Putting together the portable outdoor shower is a simple process. A portable shower will come with a hollow tube where the water will fill up and disperse through the shower head. There will be a base where the tube will rest inside and a shower head. Place the base on the ground and locate where the hollow tubes will go and place one inside the hole. There may be clamps or latches to keep the tube inside so tighten them.

Install the hollow metal tubes. There may be several that are screwed to each other to form one large hollow pole. Put the first pole into the hole in the base and tighten it. Start attaching the remaining poles until finished. You can then screw on the shower head to the top of the pole and adjust it as needed. Attach the garden hose to the water spigot and tighten it by hand. Attach the free end of the garden hose to the base or pole of the shower. Hand tighten and then secure with the wrench.

Step 3 - Securing the Shower

Lean the portable shower up against the sturdy surface. A tree is a perfect place to put the portable outdoor shower because a tree will not fall down without help. Make sure the shower is perfectly straight and flush against the surface. Wrap the twine around the shower and its support. Cut the twine and tie it in order to secure the shower. Feel free to place twine around several areas of the shower.