How to Set Up a Propane Fire Pit How to Set Up a Propane Fire Pit

What You'll Need
Brick or stone
Copper pipe
Steel grate
Log lighters

A propane fire pit is a great way to warm your backyard and impress guests and visitors. Below are the materials that you need along with the instructions on how to set up a propane fire pit.

Step 1-Pick a Location

Examine the outside of your house or your backyard and pick your ideal spot where you would like to install the fire pit. The area must be at least 20 feet from a drainage source. Your fire pit location must not be under trees or hanging tree branches. The propane fire pit must not be located in an area near walls also.

Step 2-Size of Fire Pit

The walls of the pit will be amount 12 inches in width. Using a shovel, dig five inches into the ground to form the inner wall of your fire pit. Mark two rectangles in this area. The smaller rectangle should mark the inner wall of the fire pit. The larger rectangle will mark the edge of where the outer wall will be located.

Step 3-Pour the Concrete

Take out your concrete mix and prepare it as instructed in your respective user’s manual. Pour the concrete mix over the space that lies in the middle of the two triangles that you marked. Bend the rebar to make the shape of your new fir pit. Place the rebar on the concrete mix and press it firmly so that it is covered in the mix.

Step 4-Gas Line

Contact your local gas supplier or a professional gas technician to inquire about the appropriate gas line size you need to install through your concrete wall. This of course will depend on the kind gas you will use to fuel your fire pit.

Step 5-Placement of Stones or Bricks

Wait a few minutes for your concrete mix to completely dry. Take your mortar and mix it as directed. Spread the mortar mix on the outer wall of your fire pit and place the first layer of stones or bricks there. Spread mortar mix on the inner wall of the fire pit for firebricks. Place another layer of mortar mix in the middle or gaps of each stone or brick to ensure that they are secure.

Step 6-Place the Capstone

Pick a decorative brick or stone to place on top of your fire pit. Place a piece of steel grate under the pit to help with filtering. Disconnect the gas line on the pipeline. Take the log lighter and connect these to their respective connections on the piping. The holes must be faced-down to prevent water and debris from getting inside the gas line.

Step 7-Steel Grate

Take a piece of steel grate and shape a half circle out of it. Put this over the piping to serve as guards and protect the log lighters. To finish, place lava rocks or fire-pit filling inside your new fire pit. 

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