How to Set up a Shrinker Stretcher Stand

What You'll Need
Shrinker stretcher stand
Concrete anchors and bolts

If you are not even close to being a handyman, you can still set up a shrinker stretcher stand. This device is used to make window ledges, fix door jams, fix wheel tubs or any other piece of metal that you need to bend in place. Following these easy steps will not only get you comfortable with the device, but it will leave you with the satisfaction of knowing you did it on your own.

Step 1 - Putting the Shrinker Stretcher Stand in Place

Set up the shrinker stretcher stand on the floor. Here you will place the main unit. It is best to place the unit along a wall. When securing this to the floor, you will want to use concrete anchors and bolts to secure the shrinker stretcher. Secure 4 bolts and make sure the unit is fastened well to the floor.

Step 2 - Mounting the Foot Pedal and Axle

Grease both axles before mounting them in the hole to the end of the foot pedals. Please ensure that the threaded link screws are facing the main unit. If the link screws are not facing the right way, the machine will not work properly. At the same time you will want to move the foot pedal in the main unit. Using your other hand, you will guide the threaded link screw up in the opening. Next place two screws into the axles. Mount both screws and tighten securely.

Mount the spring which will go onto the main unit. Once the spring is mounted you can mount the foot pedal. The foot pedal link and the axle will be mounted next with two M8 screws. Always use grease on the axle. Mount the axle in the hole in the end of the foot pedal. Now you can place the link to the threaded link screw and screw it in. The two M8 screws will be mounted next.

To mount the jaws, first screw the screw 4D into the jaw. Next place the jaw one at a time. Use the t-wrench to tighten. Always use the same type of jaws.

Step 3 - Operating the Shrinker Stretcher Stand

To operate the shricker stretcher stand, you will press down and let up on the foot pedal.

When the shrinker stretcher stand is not in use, secure the foot pedal in the up position by inserting the split pin onto a hold in the section of the frame that is located under the foot pedal. Do this for safety. This will prevent the foot pedal from being pushed down accidentally. Accidental use can damage the jaws.

Before assembling a shrinker stretcher stand make sure to inspect any items before using them. If parts are loose or damaged, replaced these immediately. Call the company you purchased them from and inform them that they are damaged. Also, never throw away product information, you may need it to reorder parts or bolts later on.