How to Set Up a Soundproof Enclosure Around Your Air Conditioning System

an AC unit
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 80-150
What You'll Need
2 x 28x28 5 Ply plywood
2 x 28x26 5 Ply plywood
1 x 22x26 5 Ply plywood
1 x 2x2 x the height from window sill to the ground in your home lumber
Sound proofing material
Acoustic caulk
Wood glue

If you have a noisy air conditioning unit you might want to build a soundproof enclosure to encase it in. Soundproofing an air conditioning unit will dull most of the noise that comes from the machine and from any tracts that lead outside, which noise can escape through and into your home. The older an air conditioner becomes, the chances of it increasing in noise output grows. Knowing how best to insulate your air conditioning unit to sound proof it will help you reduce excess sounds. The type of air conditioning unit you have will be dependent on the style of enclosure you create. For the purpose of this article a window air conditioner will be used as an example of how to create a suitable enclosure for your air conditioning unit.

Step 1 – Assembly

Assemble the box with the two 28 inch lengths as the sides. This 28 inch size is based on a 24 inc window operational air conditioning unit but if yours is smaller or larger, simply adjust your wood sizes to accommodate yourh size of air conditioner. Make sure there is at least 2 inches of clearance around all the sides, top and bottom. Glue and screw the sides, top and bottom together to create a box style shape. Place the 24x26 piece onto the top of the box, but make sure there is 2inch gap between the end of the plywood and one edge of the box. This is so that the air conditioner’s heating unit can breath and any water can escape.

Step 2 – Sound Proofing

Attach the sound proofing material to the inside of the box. There are a few options you can choose from in this instance. You can use sound retardant blankets or quilts inside the box. This will cover the inside edges of the box and insulate it against outside noise. You can also seal the joints with acoustic caulk for extra protection.

Step 3 – Fitting

Once your sound proof box is completed you can attach it to the wall or window frame where your air conditioner sits. This part is the hardest to explain because all houses are different and window sizes vary quite considerably. Basic instructions are to make sure that you can attach the top or bottom of the box to a secure area, such as a window sill or frame. Enclose the whole box within the window frame. How far the window is from the ground in your home will determine the length of lumber you need for support. This piece of lumber will be the balance that will be used to prop the box up, if you have no other way of fitting it to the wall.