How to Set up a T-Post Clothesline Dryer

What You'll Need
Shovel or posthole digger
Level or plumb
Unmixed cement
Rope for clothesline

A T-post clothesline dryer is very simple to install. It allows excellent air movement and circulation between clothing so clothes dry very quickly. Additionally, it is very environmentally friendly and saves money! Follow the simple steps below to install your T-post clothesline.

Step 1 – Choose a Spot

First, pick the best area in your yard to install your clothesline dryer. You will need to find a place that is not near overhead wires or trees. This will help your clothes stay clean and free of bird droppings, pollen, sap, etc.  Also, since clotheslines are useful but tend to be an eyesore, it is wise to pick an area somewhat out of the way of your view and your neighbors’ views if possible. Finally, take care not to place your clothesline anywhere near a garden area where it may block sun or a heavy traffic area such as a stone path or walkway.

Step 2 – Plan Your Clothesline

First, think about how long you want your clothesline to be. If you plan to hang a lot of laundry, you might want a lot of space on the line. However, be certain not to make the line so long that certain items of clothing like jeans or heavy shirts will droop in the middle and hit the ground. 

Next, measure and mark the area where you plan to install your clothesline dryer. The more north and south the clothesline runs, the more sunlight your clothes will receive while drying. Before digging any holes for the clothesline posts, be sure to call all local utility companies and make sure the area you’ve chosen is suitable for digging. 

Step 3 – Dig Post Holes

When you are digging holes for your posts, take care to make them deep enough to provide adequate support. In cold areas, you will want to take extra caution to make sure the post is deep enough that it is not pushed upward due to winter and spring weather. Typically, you should create holes at least three feet deep. This can be accomplished with a shovel or posthole digger.

Step 4 – Install the Posts

Fill each hole half full of cement, followed by the clothesline posts. Then finish filling the holes with cement. Make sure the posts are level, and then brace them and allow them to dry completely. This will probably take at least one full night.

    Step 5 – String the Clotheslines

    Finally, install your clotheslines. This process can be done with pulleys attached to the posts for ease of use, or you can just attach rope to nails in the posts. Be sure to leave a small amount of slack in the rope when installing. Some people also purchase a clothesline tightener, which is a small metal bracket that helps keep the lines from drooping.

    While installing a clothesline dryer does take a bit of careful attention and planning, it is a project that can easily be completed in a short amount of time, and it will reap benefits for a very long time.