How to Set up an Outdoor Clothesline

What You'll Need
Plastic Pipe
Hand Saw
Clothesline Pulley
Clothesline Tightener

Setting up an outdoor clothesline is a positive step you can take to benefit the environment while cutting back on your energy costs. Setting up your own clothesline outdoors is very easy. Here's how to do it.

Step 1- Decide on the Type

There are various types of clothesline that you can construct. However, your choice depends on the space of your yard. An umbrella type is favored for small yards.

Step 2- Space

If you have a big space in your yard, you can install a T-shaped clothesline. However, if your space is small you should install an Umbrella type.

Step 3- Materials

There are plenty of materials that you can use to make your clothesline. Wood like oak or mahogany was used to make clothesline in the past.  Now, steel and PVC pipes are often used because they last longer.

Step 4- Buy Materials

Shop for the materials that you need. You can easily buy them from local home improvement stores or hardware stores.

Step 5- Decide on the Location

You will need to set up your clothesline in the spot where it is not shaded so that your clothes will dry effectively under the sun.

Step 6- Dig a Hole

Dig the foundation on the ground as the base of your clothesline.  You need to dig two 3 foot holes for a T-shaped clothesline, while an umbrella type only requires you to have one. The diameter of the hole should be wider to make the base more durable.

Step 7- Cut the Materials

Using a hand saw, cut the PVC pipes according to the desired height of the clothesline. The most appropriate height is about 5 feet, which is high enough not to let your clothes touch the ground.

Step 8- Install the Pipes

Install the pipes and make sure that you install them at the center of the hole to make the entire structure stable.

Step 9- Fill the Holes with Concrete

Fill 3/4 of the holes with cement mixture and let it dry before you fill the rest of the hole with cement. For the umbrella clothesline, you need a wider plastic pipe at the base so that you can remove the pole whenever you want.

Step 10- Install the Clothesline Pulley

Install the clothesline pulley after the foundation hardens. The number of pulley depends on the length of the handle of the clothesline itself. 

Step 11- Install the Clothesline Tightener

Install a clothesline tightener in order to keep the clothes from dragging to the ground. This will also make the clothesline stronger.

Step 12- Test Your Clothesline

Test your clothesline by hanging several wet clothes on them. If the clothesline pulley seems to drag itself down due to the weight you can adjust the tightener to make the pulley more resilient to gravity.