How to Set up an RV Rental

RV's are very popular but not everyone can afford to buy their own, that's why starting an RV Rental business might be a very profitable business proposition.

Forming Your Company

The first thing that you need to do in order to set up an RV rental business is to form your company. You can either operate these as a limited liability company, or as a sole proprietorship. Think of a name for your business and make sure that all of the correct paperwork has been filed.

Buying Vehicles

To run an RV rental company you must have at least one RV vehicle, the more vehicles you purchase the more money you stand to make. Many people like to start with just a couple of vehicles and then expand their business over time. Talk to dealerships to find out whether they will offer any discounts for anyone who is buying more than one vehicle at a time.

Rental Agreement

It's important to draw up rental agreements, these documents are similar to rental agreements for houses but also include details about the vehicle. Whenever you rent out one of your RV's make sure that you have the renters details, you need to be able to find the renter if they go missing.


Insurance is a must and you will need to talk to your insurer to get the right level of cover. Normal auto insurance policies are not good enough for an RV rental business.