How to Set Up Raccoon Traps: 3 Tips

Here are some basic tips for setting up raccoon traps. When and where are crucial elements, and safety is always a prime consideration.

Tip 1 - When to Trap

You should build raccoon traps that are triggered by the animal taking a piece of bait, or stepping on a trap release. Since raccoons are primarily nocturnal, use pungent baits and set the traps at night. Keep in mind that cats have similar tastes to raccoons, so make reasonable efforts to keep cats out of the area.

Tip 2 - Where to Trap

It is best to make raccoon traps near the den, when possible. However, finding a raccoon den can be difficult, so place traps in places which are frequently invaded by the animals. They are known to plunder trash cans, and will steal foods that have been discarded or left unattended.

Tip 3 - Law and Safety

Raccoons are protected species in some areas, so check the local laws before you trap one. Another consideration is that the animals are known to carry disease, including rabies, and may not be safe to handle. Check with your local Wildlife Commission to find out exactly what the laws and dangers are in your region.