How to Set Up Satelite TV in Your RV

If you have an RV, a satellite dish is something that might interest you. First, you must be sure that the satellite dish is aligned properly. In order to receive all satellite channels, the dish must face certain direction. If you're even a few degrees out then it's likely that you will not be able to get any channels in English. On a house, it is fairly easy to set up the dish because it doesn't move. However, an RV requires constant re-aligning because the RV’s location is altered frequently. Finding the right signal can take a very long time.

Easier Options

A much easier option is to purchase one of the small satellite dishes specifically for caravans and RV's. These automatically find the satellites for you by turning round and locking onto the satellite. This means that you can be watching your favorite TV program in minutes from switching your engine off and settling down for the night. Modern technology means that we never need to be separated from our favorite TV shows, no matter how far away we are from home.

Ask your RV dealer or look online for the RV satellite kits that will get all of the channels and programs you are interested in. They are becoming more and more inexpensive and are a fun addition to long trips.