How to Sew Blackout Curtain Lining

What You'll Need
Sewing machine
Black lining
Normal lining
Thread to match curtains
Curtain tape

Blackout curtain lining is wonderful for people who are unable to sleep in a room receiving too much light. In addition to blocking out the light, blackout curtain linings act as an extra sound barrier. Streetlights and the moon can disturb people who suffer from insomnia, and sunlight can keep awake those who work the night shift and need to rest during the day. Follow the simple steps below to effectively plan and install blackout curtains with a liner.

Step 1- Preparation

Measure the window length and add a 2-inch top hem and a 4-inch bottom hem to the length. Cut the curtains to this length. Cut the linings both black and normal to 1 inch less than the curtains.

Step 2 - Assembly

Placing the curtain flat, pin the top and the bottom hems into position. Fold the sides in and stitch them. Iron all hems flat. Place the black curtain lining under the top hem. Reverse the normal lining so that the hems face inwards. Sew them together on the top hem.

Step 3 – Attach the Tape

Attach the tape evenly along the top hem and with a chain stitch. Make a daisy chain link in several places down the side hems linking all 3 curtains.