How to Sew Lined Draperies How to Sew Lined Draperies

What You'll Need
Drapery fabric
Liner fabric
Matching threads
Sewing machine

Lined draperies are used for curtains that are hung to windows facing and sustaining direct sunlight for the larger part of the day. Lined draperies help provide some protection to the curtain material itself against discoloration and fading due to the sun’s rays. They will also serve as an added protection to the furniture in the room which might otherwise be exposed to direct sunlight. Furthermore, they can help increase privacy and also they block out a certain amount of outdoor noise from disturbing you indoors. In order to tackle such a project it is advisable to have previous basic sewing knowledge.

Step 1 - Take the Measurements

The first step is to take the measurements of the window where the draperies will be hung. Make sure to add an allowance on each side to make up for any hems and errors.

Step 2 - Shop around for the Fabric

Visit drapery stores to see what types of liner fabric are available. You should try to match them as much as possible to the fabric you are using for the curtain. It is also best to opt for a lighter shade, and more importantly for a lightweight type of fabric, such as cotton or sheers.

Step 3 - Cut the Fabric

Once you have bought the fabric, start by cutting it in the right measurements. Take note to leave approximately an inch or slightly less for seam allowance.

Step 4 - Sew up the Hems for the Drapery Fabric and Iron

Afterward, sew up the hems of the drapery fabric after having folded it a few inches from the sides. Once done, make sure to iron these edges so as to have a neater result.

Step 5 - Sew up the Hems for the Lining Fabric and Iron

Repeat the previous process to the lining fabric. Sew up the hems and iron them when ready.

Step 6 - Pin Them Together

When ready, attach the two fabric pieces together by pinning them. It is important that the drapery fabric is slightly longer and wider than the lining fabric.

Step 7 - Sew up the Edges

Your next step is to sew up the two sides together. Do this after folding them neatly, one onto another.

Step 8 - Sew up the Top Part

Fold the top part in such a way that an intersection is left open for the curtain rod to pass through. Always use pins to mark the line where you will be stitching in order to end up with a straight seam line.

Step 9 - Iron and Hang the Curtain

At this point you are ready. Iron your curtain for a neater result and hang it to the window, while enjoying the result of your work.

By following these relatively simple steps it is easy to make your own lined draperies instead of buying them ready-made, which will be undoubtedly much more costly. Furthermore, you will have a more stylish curtain, which can add to the elegance in your room.

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