How to Sew Upholstery

A sewing machine.

If you want to sew upholstery, you will need special tools and fabrics to do the job well, though the techniques stay the same.

Supplies You Need for Upholstery Projects

Since upholstery fabric is so much thicker than traditional fabrics, you will need needles that can evenly poke through the fabric. If you use needles that are too thin, they will break and the project will look inconsistent. You will also need thicker threads that hold the fabric together since it’s heavier. Specifically, you need an upholstery thread made of 100% polyester materials. In order to sew upholstery, you may also need to include backing, which requires a larger sewing machine to handle the weight and the area of the project.

Sewing Upholstery

Sewing the upholstery works much the same as regular sewing, though you will need to use the heavy-duty thread in the upper part as well as in the bobbin, using tight stitches to ensure a secure fit. Using multiple passes on stitches can also help create tighter patterns and shapes.

Sewing upholstery can allow you to fix old pieces of furniture and make them new again. Or you can create new cushions and padding for ottomans.