How to Sew Your Own Basic Canopy Bed Net How to Sew Your Own Basic Canopy Bed Net

What You'll Need
2yard of tulle for every foot of ceiling height
One36 inch doll rod
Staples and staple gun
Sewing machine or needle and thread
Upholstery thread

A canopy bed netis a great way to dress up your bedroom and add a touch of romance to your decor. There are a few basic steps to follow when creating a basic canopy bed net. From start to finish this, project should take approximately 2 hours.

Step 1: The Measurements

Before purchasing the netting and beginning the canopy bed net project, measure from the floor to the ceiling in your bedroom. Add 1 foot to the measurement to allow for a nice drape at the bottom of the finished net. This measurement will be used when purchasing the netting, and as a guide for cutting the fabric used to make the canopy.

Step 2: Buying the Netting and Supplies

The netting for the canopy is available at most fabric stores. The material that is used is called tulle. It's a fine mesh fabric that comes in an array of different colors. There are two options when choosing tulle for your canopy bed. The first option is a tulle that has a very tight weave. The second option is a tulle with a larger, wider weave. Choose a color that compliments your bedroom decor and sets a romantic mood. A darker color, such as purple or black, will create a warmer feeling than a color like green or white.

Buy 2 yards for every foot of ceiling height that was measured in step 1. When you purchase the netting fabric, you will also need to purchase one 36 inch doll rod and upholstery thread. The doll rod will be used for hanging the netting above the bed, and the thread will be used when sewing the canopy netting.

Step 3: Sewing the Canopy Net

Whether you are sewing the canopy net on a sewing machine or by hand, the same basic principles apply. Fold down 3 inches from the top of the tulle. Sew across the bottom of the fold to create a clean hem. Repeat this step for the other edge of the tulle, so that both sides are the same. If you're hand sewing the canopy net, use stitches that are close together to ensure that the hem will be secure and neat.

Step 4: Hanging the Canopy Net

Once the sewing is complete, it's time to hang the canopy bed net. Drape the netting over the doll rod. Make sure both sides are even before attaching the doll rod to the ceiling. Center the doll rod over the bed. Drill 2 holes on the underside of the doll rod, one on each end. Use screws and attach the doll rod and bed canopy above the bed. Let the two ends fall on either side of the bed.

This is a project that is relatively quick, with great results. A basic canopy bed net will add ambiance to any bedroom and create a romantic mood.

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