How to Shade Your Patio: 3 Ideas How to Shade Your Patio: 3 Ideas

Enjoying time outside on your patio can be a struggle when the heat of the sun is bearing down on your and your friends. An important aspect of your patio environment is how it faces the sun and provides shade where it is needed. Keep reading for some great ideas on how to provide affordable, practical shade around your patio.

Outdoor Shades

A perfect way to add adjustable shade to your patio environment is to purchase and install retractable outdoor shades. They are generally easy to install and will give you a way to add shade when you want it but will allow the sun to shine when you want that as well. The outdoor shades are weather-resistant and will last for many years as long as you don’t leave them in extreme weather conditions. There are many weather-resistant shades that are permanently installed and not adjustable. These may be a bit more affordable, depending on the materials, but won’t offer the freedom of an adjustable shade device.


One of the most affordable ways to add shade to your patio is to use umbrellas. Although they may not offer as much shade as other alternatives, you can move the umbrellas to specific places where you want shade and they may save you some money (depending on the type you choose). Many umbrellas come in unique styles and materials and stylish stands, so you will also have a large selection from which to choose. Additionally, by using umbrellas, your shade won’t be limited to just the patio because you can enjoy them around the pool and out by the garden.

Shade Trees

You can use your lack of shade as an opportunity to enhance the look and feel of your back yard by adding some beautiful shade trees. Trees will not only enhance the look of your back yard and patio area but will enhance the value of your home while also providing the practical shade you are looking for. Instead of installing shades, you can use this natural alternative to give your patio area a more cohesive look. You can use maple or ash trees for a larger size shade tree with little change, or you can select trees like pear, cherry or red bud to see more flowering. When you are planning to add shade trees to the area around your patio, be sure to plan ahead. Take into account how much sun the plant needs and how much it will receive in that location. Research the tree and find out what climate it grows best in and what condition the soil needs to be in. Finally, be sure to research how large the tree will grow. Not only is this important to know to determine how much shade it will actually provide, but it is necessary to know how much room the tree needs to grow. If it becomes too large for the spot you planted it in, it can cause damage to your patio area and will probably need to be removed.


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