How to Sharpen a Crosscut Saw Blade How to Sharpen a Crosscut Saw Blade

What You'll Need
Diamond file
Open ended wrench

A crosscut saw is used more than any other saw. It is a simple circular saw that many contractors, do it yourselfers, and home handymen use for their many different projects. Sharpening the crosscut saw blade is a rather easy project, but does require a special diamond file. 

Step 1 - Remove Blade

In order to sharpen the crosscut saw blade it will need to be removed from the saw. Use the open ended wrench and remove the retaining nut that holds the blade in place. Lift out the saw blade and take it to a vise.

Step 2 - Set in Vise

Place the saw blade in a vise on a workbench. Do not overtighten the jaws of the vise or you could damage the blade. 

Step 3 - Sharpen Blade

Mark the top of the blade with a chalk mark to let you know where you started. Look at the blade and find the bevels that are facing you. This will be in an alternating fashion. Use the file and move it across the first bevel with four even strokes. Then move on to the next one. 

Step 4 - Finish Other Side

After going all the way around the blade, turn the blade over in the vise and sharpen that side. Once it is sharpened, replace the blade in your crosscut saw.

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