How to Sharpen Chainsaw Teeth How to Sharpen Chainsaw Teeth

Keep your chainsaw sharp to save time and energy and prevent accidents. Before you begin, make sure you have the correct size sharpening tool.

Clean the Chainsaw

The first thing you need to do is clean the saw. Use a commercial degreasing detergent or mineral spirits the clean the chain. Dont get the cleaner into the engine or other components. While you are cleaning it, inspect the chain for damaged or worn teeth.

Secure the Saw and Begin

Place the saw in a vice or on a sturdy surface if you have no vice. If you can find it, start at the lead cutter. If you can't, mark your starting point with a marker. You want to make sure you file each cutter evenly so the saw cuts uniformly. Then set your file in the notch on the front of the cutter. The curve of the file should fit the curve of the face of the cutting tip, and the top of the file should be almost flush with the top of the tooth.

Hold the file at about a 25 degree angle, or the same angle that the cutter is ground. Slide the file across the face of the cutter with a twisting motion several times. Then do the same thing all around the saw.


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