How to Sharpen Wood Planer Blades

What You'll Need
Honing guide
Whet stone that has both fine and course surfaces
Tapping oil

 Sharpening wood planer blades involves a simple five-step process, detailed below.

Step 1 – Assemble Blade

First, after setting the guide on a pure and flat surfaces, put your blade into the honing guide making certain the guide holds the blade in the bevel-side down position. Then, adjust so that the full bevel connects to the surface.

Step 2 – Oil

Using tapping oil, you should now oil your whetstone. Tapping oil is designed to clean off metal.

Step 3 – Removing Blade Nicks

If there are blade nicks in need of removal, only apply the whetstone’s coarse side. Work it with a pushing action, instead of pulling because pulling may cause a blade edge burr.

Step 4 – After Removing Nicks

After you’ve removed any nicks, move the blade across the whetstone by applying pressure where the blade doesn’t move. If the blade rocks at all, this may result in a curved edge on the planer blade. This might require you to reshape again.

Step 5 – Blade Maintenance

You’ll also want to periodically check your blade, assuring that its bevel remains in good shape. Tilt it and turn it toward the light noticing how light reflects upon the bevel. If it’s in good shape, it should look absolutely flat.