How to Shingle a Porch Roof

What You'll Need
Hammer and nails
Tar sheeting
The knife

Adding shingles to a porch roof is no different than adding shingles to a roof of a home or any other building. The only major difference is that a porch is much smaller, so the job is a lot easier and quicker to do. With a porch, there are not so many essential structural elements that need to be taken into consideration. Anyone with basic DIY skills and the right tools and equipment at their disposal should be able to do it themselves without having to spend money on professional tradesmen.

Step 1-Taking the Measurements

The first thing to do is take the measurements of the roof that you are going to build. When you have the measurements you will know how much materials to order. It is a good idea to obtain 5 to 10 percent more than you are expecting to use so there is no risk of running out.

Step 2-Making Preparations

If you are renovating an old roof, remove the old shingles first. If it is a new roof, install the tar sheeting on top of the sheathing. If you are renovating the roof, you may want to use new sheeting anyway if the old underlay is in poor condition. The tar sheeting should be stapled in place and should cover everything to prevent any leakage. If the porch is an open porch anyway, this is not so important.

Step 3-Placing the Shingles

There are many different types of shingles, so how you place them may vary a little. Sometimes they can have adhesive sections in the middle of them to stick them to the roof. In other cases, you have to slip them in place with nails. Installing the first set of shingles, you should start from the bottom of the roof and make sure that they are nailed down securely. The next layer should be placed with the bottom of each shingle meeting the seam between the two shingles beneath. You can place them directly above each other as well if you prefer, but this can depend on the type of shingles that you are using. You may need to cut some of the shingles in half to fit on the side of the porch roof.

When installing the shingles, make sure that they overlap each other at the bottom. Continue this until you have completed the entire roof. A ladder might not be sufficient enough to reach the upper layers. In this case, you may need to get on top of the roof itself, but you will need to be careful not to damage anything since the roof is probably not able to safely take the weight of a person. In this case, it is a good idea to distribute your weight in such a way as to not apply too much force in a certain area.

Finally, install flashing at the joints of the roof to make a waterproof seal.