How to Shoo a Bird Out of Your House How to Shoo a Bird Out of Your House

To get rid of birds that have accidently flown into your house you'll have to stay calm. The harder you try to shoo a bird out, the more frightened the bird becomes, and the more frantically it flies around. Here are some ways to get the bird back outside and reclaim peace in your home.

Staying Calm

  • Open all the windows and doors. The more outlets the bird has, the better the chances that he'll find a way out.
  • Try to relax. Take a deep breath and sit down. The more you move around, the more frightened the bird will become.
  • Chances are good that with all the flying around, the bird will find one of the open windows or doors and fly out.
  • After 30 minutes, if the bird still hasn’t found a way out, use a rolled up newspaper to gently coax (by lightly pushing, not swiping) it out a door or window. If this doesn’t work, you will have to try and catch it.

Ways to Catch a Wild Bird

When wild birds find themselves in a place they don’t want to be, they will frantically fly around until they become tired, at which point they'll find something to perch on. When they perch, it is your chance to catch them. Use a large fish net and scoop the bird up. Set the whole net on the ground and lift it off the bird. If you do not have fish net, use a towel by throwing it over the top of the bird, and scooping two ends under it and grabbing the other two ends to form a hammock with the bird in the middle.

If nothing you do seems to work, you may have to call a pest control or animal control company. Under no circumstances should you try to catch a wild bird with your hands or try and pick it up. Wild birds can carry diseases and a bird bite can be very painful.

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