How to Shorten Bamboo Blinds

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Wire cutters
Note pad and pencil

The durable nature of bamboo blinds means that having the skill to shorten them will be useful if you want to move it to another window. By following some steps to shorten the item, you can ensure that the measurements meet your requirements.

Step 1 – Measure Window

The first step is measure window in which you intend to hang the bamboo blinds. Make sure that you note whether the blinds have the fixtures to be fitted within the window recess or outside it. In the event that the blind is to be fitted in the window recess, you need to measure to the windowsill to determine what the length of the blinds should be. If outside the window, measure to the point where you want the blind to fall. Write down the measurements so that there is no danger of them being forgotten.

Step 2 – Prepare Blinds

If the bamboo blinds have already been fitted to another window, adjust them so that they are closed before taking it down by carefully using a screwdriver so as not to cause to any damage to the fixtures. Once down, lay the blinds out on a flat surface that is large enough to accommodate the full extent of it. Because the blinds tend to be made to measure, there is likely to be an end section that fits to the final slat; this will need to be removed to give you full access to the bamboo slats. Take note of how it is fitted so that you can put it back in place later.      

Step 3 – Remove Slats

In accordance with the window measurement you wrote down earlier, measure the bamboo blinds to determine how many slats you need to remove. Mark the new end bamboo slat with a pencil. Starting from the bottom, use the wire cutters to carefully cut the wires that hold the bamboo slats in place before removing them. Carefully slide out the bamboo until you reach the slat that will become the new final one, setting them aside in case they are required later to lengthen the blinds or replace any damaged slats. Continue with this process while bearing in mind that the total length will include the end section. When you reach the end, make sure that you leave enough wire to hold the end section. Ensure that the wires holding the remaining slats in place are tightly secured so that the bamboo does not suffer movement.      

Step 4 – Reattach End Section

Follow the procedure that you noted when you removed the end section to reattach it, securing it with the wire by twisting it into place. Lift and hold up the bamboo blinds to make sure that the slats you have adjusted are not crooked. Further, this will also give you the opportunity to make sure that the slats do not shift or fall out of place. If this occurs, lay the blinds back down to retighten the wires.