How to Shorten Mini Blinds

What You'll Need
Rubber Mallet
Measuring Tape

Installing mini blinds can be a headache if you cannot find the right size for your windows. More often, you will have to make some alteration to be able to fit it perfectly. This will create a cleaner and more efficient look for the windows in your house. In shortening a mini blind, you need to have the following.

Step 1 - Undoing the Blind

Remove the plastic plugs that are at the bottom rail and release the string ladders. You will see the knots on the lift cord inside the bottom rail on both sides. Undo them.

Step 2 - Removing Slats

Take the appropriate measurement and remove the bottom rail. Slide the number of slats that need to be taken out off the string ladders and discard them.

Step 3 - Shortening the Blind

Shorten the string ladder so that it is just on top of the last rung below the bottom rail, but leave enough length so that you can insert the ends into the bottom rail holes. Slide the bottom rail into the string ladder loops. Slide the lift cord into the holes and tie it into a knot. This will secure the bottom rail.

Step 4 - Adjusting and leveling the Blind

Adjust the blind by raising and lowering the lift cord knots. Make sure they are even and the bottom rail is straight when the mini blinds are hung. Reinsert the plugs for the bottom rail to hold the strings in place. Make sure they are secure by using the rubber mallet.