How to Sketch Out a Wood Fence

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Tracing paper

Your first step to planning a wood fence is to draw an effective sketch. This will help the project to run smoothly and prevent any mistakes.

Step 1 – Research

Prior to putting pen to paper, you should undertake some research to gain a better understanding of what you want to achieve and what is available on the market. This step is especially important if you are working with a budget that you need to stick to. If your garden comprises landscaping that would suit a certain type of wood fence, determine whether it is available in the style that you want. Think about whether the proposed fence would work well with any existing trees and plants or with ones that you intend to plant.

Step 2 – Measure Area

In order to sketch a scale plan of your wood fence, measure the length across which it is to span and take down the result. If you want a fence that is of a specific width, measure the area to determine whether there is sufficient room to accommodate this without encroaching onto neighboring property. If you are not sure of the height of fence that you want, run the tape measure up along an external wall to help you decide on a suitable height by picturing the end result.  

Step 3 – Basic Sketch

On a large sheet of paper, draw out a rough image of the landscape where the wood fence is to be placed. Create a scale that allows you to work within the limits of the sheet of paper, for example, one foot to one inch. Whatever scale you use, make a note of it in a corner of the sheet of paper where it can quickly be referred to, when necessary. Using a ruler and a pencil, so that any mistakes can be rectified with an eraser, draw the lines of the proposed fence in accordance with the scale measurement. After adding the basic three-dimensional shape of the fence onto the image of the landscape, you can add further lines and shading to create the look of the panels or planks that you require.

Step 4 – Detailed Sketch

If you want to create a more detailed sketch for your wood fence, begin by taking a photograph of the location where you intend to install the fence. If you are using a camera with film, the photograph will need to be developed and blown up to make it easier to work with. Placing a sheet of tracing paper over the end picture will allow you to plan exactly where the fence will go and how it will look. If you are using a digital camera, you have the choice of printing the image and following the above procedure or making use of computer software to superimpose an image of a fence onto the picture you have taken.