How to Smooth a Concrete Patch

The beauty of the concrete patch lies in smoothness of its surface. The concrete hardens faster, so it is necessary to make the surface of the concrete much smoother as soon as the concrete work is done. For the best results, it is advised to smooth the concrete surface when it is wet using proper tools. The repair work of the concrete surface can be smoothed using a steel trowel to get a perfect patch. The smoothing of concrete surface is useful during a patch work because the new surface and the old surface must look similar. Smoothing a concrete patch is a task made easy if the steps given below are followed.

Things You'll Need

  • Wooden trowel
  • Straight board
  • Steel trowel

Step 1: Smooth the Wet Concrete Using Straight Wooden Board

The first step is to smooth the wet concrete using a straight wooden board. Before proceeding to smoothen the patch, check whether the surface of the wooden board is clean. Otherwise it may spoil the smoothness of the concrete surface. Make sure that the board is longer than the concrete patch that is to be smoothened. Drag the straight wooden board over the concrete by applying a little pressure on the wooden board. This helps to flatten the surface.

Step 2: Curing With a Wooden Trowel

When the concrete loses its wet look, yet not cured, smooth the concrete using a wooden trowel with a fanning motion. Use a wooden trowel to fan out the patch and later spread out the concrete using a wooden trowel and check whether the sides of the concrete is level with the surface. If the concrete surface is not leveled, then move the straight wooden board over the surface again. Repeat the process until the concrete is cured. If the concrete dries before smoothening the surface, sprinkle some water over the surface and then use the wooden trowel. Concrete can be easily modified when it is wet.

Step 3: Finishing Using a Steel Trowel

Once the smoothening process of the concrete with wooden trowel is completed, the final step is to smoothen the concrete with a steel trowel. The steel trowel will give a good finishing to the concrete surface. While using steel trowel sprinkle some water either on the concrete surface to ensure a free movement of the steel trowel on the concrete surface. Using a flat steel trowel, make 4-5 finishing passes over the patch. By now the concrete is almost dry and stiff, yet pliable to the trowel sweeps that ensures that the concrete patch remains extremely smooth after drying. Leave the surface to dry for at least 12 hours. You can now clean your tools and relax since you have successfully smoothened the concrete patch.

Tips and Warnings

  • It is always better to place a cotton cloth on the concrete surface and apply water to it for 3 days after completing the work.
  • Do not apply water to the surface before 12 hours of work completion, since concrete requires at least 12 hours to set properly.