How to Smooth Out Berber Carpet

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To smooth out Berber carpet, you need a heavy roller or some other device that is used to smash down the carpet at the point that it is coming up. If that does not do the trick and the Berber carpet is still coming up, you will need to cut away and replace that section of the carpet that is giving your trouble.

Smoothing out Berber carpet can be challenging, depending on the cause of it coming up in the first place. If the problem is throughout the entire carpet area, it could be a problem due to the poor installation of the Berber carpet. If that is the case, it may be best to call the installer and have them come out and reinstall your Berber carpet. If the Berber carpet was installed long before you purchased the home, you will need to attempt to smooth it on your own.

Roll the Carpet

Take a large heavy metal roller and roll it over the area where the Berber carpet is coming up. The roller can be found at a heavy equipment store or some home improvement centers may also carry the tool. It looks like a large roller with a steel or metal wheel that has a handle for pushing it. When you locate this equipment, rent it, do not buy it because there are not many times in your life where you will come across a use for this piece of equipment.

Roll the carpet several times, placing as much weight as possible over the area where the Berber carpet is coming up. This should be sufficient to get the carpet back to its normal look.

Cut the Berber Carpet

If rolling the Berber carpet with the heavy metal roller does not work and the carpet is still coming up, you need to cut the carpet using a straight edge and a razor knife in order to relieve the air pocket. Once this has been done, you can use double-sided adhesive carpet tape to reseal the Berber carpet. Press down on the new seam that you just created and roll over it with the heavy metal roller.

Use a carpet seam seal solution (which can be purchased at a carpet and tile store) and place it over the seam. Place a towel or sheet over the seam and take a steam iron and press it into the seam, using a moderate heat setting. This action will seal the seam and eliminate any appearance that the carpet has been cut or mended.

Replace the Carpet

Your last step is to replace the section of carpet that is in need of smoothing if you find that the problem is the result of some defect in the carpet itself. Contact the manufacturer or go to a carpet store and find a replacement Berber carpet to install. If the Berber carpet is under warranty, it should be replaced with no questions asked. If not, you will need to pay to have the carpet replaced or install the new Berber carpet yourself.