How to Smooth Out Concrete Patches

What You'll Need
Board with a straight edge
Flat steel trowel
Wooden trowel

Not everyone is skilled or qualified to pour concrete and as a result the job can be less than perfect. You want the surface of the concrete to be smooth but this isn't always the case. If the concrete was not leveled while it was still wet, it would cost a lot of money fix. Instead of that cost you can level it with more concrete without much difficulty. The job may take some time and be messy but it can be done and the article below will show you how.

Step 1 – Leveling and Spreading the Concrete

When you want the surface of the concrete to be smooth you have to make sure that it is level. Until the concrete dries there is still some fluidity and movement to it. This means that if a strong gust of wind comes your way it could actually move the wet concrete. If this happens at the right time just when the concrete was about to set it would be uneven. Mishaps like this can be avoided if the wet concrete is leveled before you try to smooth it out. The smoothing out process will serve to level the concrete even more. Once you pour fresh concrete on top of the old concrete you will need to spread it out. Use a board that is about a foot longer than the width of the concrete. Place the board across the area so that it is standing on end. Grip the board at each end and drag it toward you. You want the straight edge to push the wet concrete to fill in the uneven areas while creating a finer surface layer. The center area of the board smoothes out the concrete while the edges keep it straight and crisp.

Step 2 – Fan Out Before Curing

Concrete will remain somewhat pliable even when it is beginning to cure. This is the time when you can fan out and blend the finer edges of the patch. You can also fill in areas better with the concrete being slightly stiff. You will be able to tell when to do this when the surface of the concrete no longer has a glossy look to it. The concrete will absorb the moisture. It is not yet cured which means you can still work with it. Use the wooden trowel to spread out the concrete to the sides. You want them to be level and even with the current surface. This is an important process because if the concrete is too wet it will not adhere but instead slide back to the lowest point in the concrete.

Step 3 – Continue Smoothing the Concrete

The concrete will start to feel stiff but a metal trowel can still be used to smooth out the surface. Make several passes over the concrete patch in the same manner you did in Step 2. This will make sure the concrete is not only smooth but level.