How to Snake a Double Kitchen Sink Drain How to Snake a Double Kitchen Sink Drain

What You'll Need
Drain snake
Channel Grip Wrench

If your double kitchen sink drain is clogged, you will most likely have to snake it if you have tried all other basic fixes. It sounds a bit more intimidating than it really is, but it is a messy job.

Step 1: Clear the Area

Remove everything from under your sink to give you some room and put the bucket underneath the T trap which is the U shaped area of the pipe. Loosen the nuts that hold this section of pipe in place, remove it, and dump the water into the bucket. You may find debris in this pipe also, and this could, in fact, be the clog, but go ahead and snake the drain anyway just in case.

Step 2: Use the Drain Snake

Using your drain snake, insert the end into the section of pipe that is sticking from the wall, not into the section that goes upward into the sink. Feed the snake out until it hits resistance. Then using and in and out motion, loosen the clog. This could take a bit of work to do, especially if the clog is a bad one. Pull the snake back to you and clean off the end. Then, snake it back out again to be sure there is no more resistance which is another clog.

Reassemble the drain pipes and run water for a few minutes to flush the pipes.

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