How to Solder a Decorative Copper Plant Hanger

What You'll Need
Propane Torch
Magnifying glass
Solder wick (Tin or Lead)
Protective eyewear
Hand gloves
Copper plant hanger
Plants and pots

It is easy to create your own decorative copper plant hanger. This can be done by soldering them to create, modify and even embellish your plant hangers. Soldering may sound difficult and requiring expertise at first, but with proper background, even novices will find it easy to do. Just always remember to be very careful.

All it takes is one free day for you to actually accomplish your soldering project and be able to decorate your houses or offices with plants in their decorative copper plant hangers. Prepare what is listed below and study the steps that follow.

Step 1 – Measure the Pots

Familiarize yourself with the plants and the pots that you wish to place on the decorative copper plant hanger. Note the measurements so that you are sure that they will fit your copper plant hangers. It is advisable to create one customized plant hanger for each plant.

Step 2 – Prepare to Solder

Choose a location where it’s safe to deal with heated materials. Preferably in a well ventilated area outside the house. Take note that melted tin or lead might fall off to the ground, so choose your workplace properly; you wouldn't want to damage carpets or floor tiles. Wear protective eyewear and hand gloves for optimum safety, especially if you’re not that comfortable soldering. Gather the pieces of copper that you want to turn into plant hangers.

Step 3 – Get Your Propane Torch Ready

Wait for your propane torch to reach about 360 to 460 degrees F depending on the melting point of the material being used; rapid heating is advised. Proper timing and setting the right temperature are important when soldering.

Step 4– Solder the Copper Plant Hanger

Hold the copper plant hanger with one hand and the soldering iron with your other hand. You may use clamps because you wouldn't be able to hold the metal when it's heated. Let the flame make contact with the metal. Allow the solder wick to melt onto the metal or the joint.

Step 5– Allow to Cool Off

Put your flame off immediately after welding a certain part. Take your solder wick away and allow the plant hanger to cool off. It is not advisable for you to keep your flame on the whole time. Use your magnifying glass to get a better look of your plant hanger, also to see if you soldered properly.

Step 6– Solder the Remaining Parts

Don’t keep the flame near the previously heated part or you might end up melting the solder. Keep on repeating the same procedure until you come up with the finished product you’ve been planning to have.

Step 7 - Fitting

Try fitting the pots and the plant hangers you made or decorated. Take some time to admire your product. And as soon as you’re done, start cleaning up and decorating your houses or offices with your plants in their decorative plant hangers.