How to Solder a Gate Valve

What You'll Need
Gate Valve
Flux Brush
Pipe Cutter
Paste Flux
Pipe Cleaner
Tape Measure

A gate valve is an integral part of your home’s plumbing. It is responsible for separating and controlling certain portions of the system. For example, you can restrict water access to the kitchen if you need to fix the pipes in that area. Or you can also cut water in the main bathroom if your water heater is being repaired or if you’re installing a new sink. As you can see, soldering them is a handy and convenient move for any homeowner.

Step 1:  Close Main Water Valve

Before you can enjoy the benefits of having a gate valve, you need to first completely cut your water. The main valve is usually found outside (maybe in your garage, garden or right outside your gate). When you find the valve, turn it clockwise in order to cut the water to the whole house. Open all the faucets in order to totally drain the pipes of any water left in them.

Step 2: Cut the Pipe

Measure the length of your gate valve using your tape measure. Take note of this measurement because this will be the length of pipe that you will have to cut out. It usually ranges from ½ to ¾ inch. With the measurement at hand, cut a section of the pipe. Do this by using the pipe cutter. Clamp it on the pipe and tighten it until the teeth get in contact with the pipe. Turn the cutter until it eats away a little of the pipe. Tighten it some more and rotate again. Keep doing this procedure until it eats through the pipe and cuts it all the way through. Do the same to the other end of the area you need to cut out.

Step 3: Clean Pipe and Gate Valve

Cleanse the openings of the main pipe and the gate valve by using the pipe cleaner. Clean them thoroughly and make sure the ends are free of dirt. Also make sure that you clean the inside of the pipes.

Step 4: Apply Paste Flux

Put some paste flux on both ends of the main pipe and gate valve. This is the portion that you just cleaned thoroughly. Use the flux brush to apply this.

Step 5: Insert Main Pipe

It’s now time to connect the valve to the main pipe. Insert the both ends of the main pipe that you cut into the ends of the valve. This should fit very snugly. Actually, expect a little resistance when trying to insert the pipe since the measurement should be exact.

Step 6: Solder the Joints

Get around 8 inches of wire solder and bend the end. Get the torch and heat the joint that you want to solder. Now put the bent end to the heated joint and it should melt around it with ease. Do the same to the other joint. Let the soldered points cool down and clean the excess with a rag. The gate valve is now installed and should work perfectly in your system.