How to Soup Up Your RPMs on a Golf Cart Motor

  • 2-4 hours
  • Advanced
  • 25-50
What You'll Need
Golf cart
Wire cutter
Wire stripper
Electrical tape
Single ignition switch

A golf cart motor has built-in speed limitations, but you can override these limitations with a little know how. For safety reasons the government has put limits on how many RPMs a golf cart motor can achieve. This is achieved with a ground speed governor, a device that dictates the maximum speed a golf cart motor can generate. Before you try to increase the speed of the golf cart motor be aware that you may be voiding the warranty as well as possibly creating a dangerous situation. The following article will show you how to increase the speed of your golf cart motor.

Step 1: Determine the Governor Type

There are three types of governors that can be installed on golf carts to prevent them from going too fast. The first is a spring system. This governor interacts with the carburetor to decrease the RPMs through the fuel air mix. The second type is a clutch throttle cable. This cable prevents the throttle on the golf cart motor from opening too far. The final type of governor is a spark plug regulator. This governor interferes with how the spark plug ignites, decreasing the amount of RPMs generated. This governor is a code implanted in the ignition system and not a physical device.

Step 2: Spring System Governor

This is the most common form of governor and is the easiest to adjust. Inspect the golf cart's acceleration system. If this is the type of governor in place, you will see a spring assembly placed along it. Follow it to the golf cart motor. The spring will either be located on the differential or the carburetor. In order to increase the speed of the golf cart motor you simply need to adjust the tension. This adjustment can either increase or decrease the speed.

Step 3: Throttle Clutch Governor

This type of governor is also attached to the carburetor so that it can prevent the throttle level from opening. The throttle clutch cable is attached to the lever and extends to the gas pedal. In order to increase the RPMs of the golf cart motor this cable has to be longer. Loosen the nut on the cable to increase the length of the cable. Continue increasing the length until it is no longer in use when the gas pedal is pressed down. You will know when this has occurred because the cable will not be pulled tight.

Step 4: Spark Plug Regulator

This is the trickiest of all governors. Take the wires off the governor and then carefully splice the ends to each other and wrap them with electrical tape. If the governor is not separate from the ignition, replace the ignition with a single ignition switch.