How to Soup-Up an Electric Mini Bike Engine

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  • 2-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 150-350
What You'll Need
Mini bike gears
New battery
Horsepower kit
Basic mechanics tools

An electric mini bike is a highly portable means of transportation. Sometimes referred to as pocket bikes, these electric bikes are generally used in city driving. They operate through the use of battery power and are relatively maintenance free. One of the improvements that many people want to make to their electric mini bike is to add some extra power to it. They want to be able to soup it up a little in order to move faster, or have more acceleration.

Step 1: Lighten Mini Bike

There is always one factor that will detract from the speed, and responsiveness, of an electric mini bike. This is the factor of weight. In order to soup-up the electric mini bike you will first need to think about replacing some of the heavier parts with more lightweight material. Replace the cowling, windshield, seat, and any other components you can with lighter-weight parts.

Step 2: Use Different Gears

The main part of the electric mini bike that is going to give you a lot of power is the size of the gears. The size of the gears will either give the bike a high top-end speed or a faster acceleration speed. Remove the casing from the gearing assembly and change the gearing to match your needs.

Step 3: Install New Horsepower Kit

There are kits that are known as +5 kits. These kits are basic bolt-ons that are used to give the mini bike an extra five horsepower. As a specialty item, these kits can be relatively expensive, but if it is more power that you want, then this is an easy way to soup-up an electric mini bike.

Step 4: Upgrade the Engine

The electric mini bikes operate with different size motors. For the most part, swapping out an electric motor can be done quite easily if you are not going too large. For example, you can easily swap out a 500-watt engine for an 800-watt engine with very slight modification. The extra 300 watts will add a lot of power to the mini bike for both acceleration and top-end speed.

Step 5: Upgrade Battery on Mini Bike

The main power source for the electric mini bike is the battery. Changing the 16V, 18V, or 20V battery to a 36V deep cell battery will add some extra time, and power, to the mini bike. You should also look at batteries that have a safety system in place that will prevent overcharging. Plus, adding a Smart Charger will not only prevent overcharging, but will also speed up the charging process by 20 percent.

Step 6: Use Tires With Deep Tread

Riding along on a small electric mini bike is a lot of fun. It can be made a lot more fun with the use of pneumatic deep-tread tires. These tires serve two purposes for the mini bike. You will be able to get a great purchase on the surface of the road, while also keeping the power that the engine puts out to move the tires to a minimum.