How to Space Downspouts

What You'll Need
Downspout Sections

Downspouts are an important element to the design and function of your rain flow and gutter system. Every home should have some sort of system designed to move the water away from the roof line and the home. When water accumulates around the home's foundation, it creates puddles and eventually can cause major leaks and cracks within the foundation walls. In addition, as water accumulates over the roof line, the roof begins to deteriorate, the shingles wear and the ceiling begins to take on water. As you plan to update your home, you must install your gutters by spacing them correctly. Below you will find a step by step guide on how to space the downspouts properly around your home.

Step 1 - Attach Downspouts at the Corners

In your installation, make sure your downspouts are attached at the corners of your home. They should be in place from the top of your roofline, all the way down to the bottom of the ground. In order to place the downspout at each corner, you will need to get up on a ladder and run the gutters into the downspout. If you are installing the downspout on a two story house, then you need to add clamps every 5-8 feet. The clamps should fix the downspouts to the house.

Step 2 - Attach Downspouts over Porches

After you have installed a downspout at each corner, take a look at your home and review the location of your porch. You do not want water to fall off directly onto the porch from the second story downward. Install another set of downspouts at either side of the porch. Connect the downspout to the top of the gutter on the second story of the home. Again, secure the downspout in place with clamps alongside the house.

Step 3 - Add Downspout Extensions

While it is important to space the downspouts appropriately around the home, it is equally important to add extensions onto the downspouts to space the ends away from the home. You never want water dumping close to the foundation of the home and therefore you should add at least 3 to 4 feet of an extension to each downspout that hits the ground. The extensions can stay above ground or below ground. To add the extension, just screw or slide them into place at the end of the downspout that is attached to the home.

If you plan to bury the extensions under ground, then you will need to dig a trench with a shovel and bury the downspout extensions. Use a little epoxy or plumbing adhesive to secure the extension to the downspout before you lay it inside the ditch. Add a layer of stone (to allow for proper water flow) and then add the dirt back over the ditch.

Step 4 - Monitor Water Flow

Constantly monitor the water flow over and under your home. If the water is still pooling in one location, then you may want to consider adding another downspout.