How to Splice a Barbed Wire Fence

What You'll Need
Claw hammer
Leather gloves
Fence stretcher
Fencing pliers

Splicing a wrecked barbed wire fence can look like a hard job and you might want to give up. In fact, it is not that hard to get tension back in wire with splicing. With the right tools you can repair fence wires easily and save considerable money by not paying the fence builder.

Step 1 - Looping

Wear your gloves. Hold the broken end of wire on your right, now form loop by bending few inches of it at back on itself. Fix that loop by pliers then curl the end of wire above the wire stand to close-up that loop. In splicing take the end of wire that will be used, slide it into loop. Now create loop in this wire, fix this loop in pliers then twist the loop to close, no more than 4 turns. Take pliers and make stretched loops rather than round loops.

Step 2 – Using Fence Stretcher

In order to splice correctly, the use of fence stretcher is important. A fence stretch is a metal block having a clamp on each side that slides out and in the middle of a ratchet handle. Skate two clamps on the stretcher to the contrary ends of the block. Now you can pull the wrecked wire to your leftside towards the stretcher. Now, open the left side clamp lying on the stretcher, then in order to extend the wire approximately 6 to 8 inches towards the middle of stretcher and lay the wire in it. Close up the clamp.

Step 3 – Unlock Right Hand Clamp of Stretcher

Unlock the stretcher’s right hand clamp; stretch out the stretcher towards the right-side of the wire near the piece you secured for splicing. Now, stretch out towards the right-side wire to the core of the clamp. Place this into the clamp and then close it. Now both ends of the wrecked wire are clamped in the stretcher.

Step 4 – Clamp the Ratchet

Now, clamp the ratchet with each other by stretching the knob towards the left-side and then push it back towards the right-side to return it and then again back towards the left-side to tighten. Now pulling the wires together will create tension. Keep ratcheting the stretcher till the wire is tight and make sure it will not stretch any more. Let the stretcher grasp wires till you get ready to finish the splice.

Step 5 – Splicing

Hold the wrecked wire in your left hand and hold the splicing wire in your right hand, then bend them in a way like making a connection using the same pattern as the chain in the fence. Now make a loop by bending the wire of right hand over as we did in the beginning. Cut the excess wire. Now, cut the splice wire with pliers by leaving few inches then from this few inches make loops. Splicing is done.

Step 6 – Repairing

Free the stretcher by positioning back and striking the knob with hammer on the left side forcing the knob to the right and down to the block. With a break the knob will reach its free point, by doing this the wire will become tight. Now stretch the releasing handle on clamps and then free the wire. The restoration is done.

Step 7 – Placing New Wire

Should the fence in want of a fix be a wicker wire grassland-type fence with more than one parallel strand broken down, in the same way that repairs will be made. Stretch and repair strands one at a time till the whole splices are completed. In the case any vertical strand of wire that are wrecked can be sliced and a part of wire placed in its position by twisting together ends onto the parallel fence wires on and underneath the wrecked part. No need to stretch vertical repairs; only placing a new part of wire to substitute the wrecked one.