How to Sponge Paint Your Dorm Room How to Sponge Paint Your Dorm Room

What You'll Need
Painters Tape
Spackling Compound
Putty Knife
Fine Grade Sand Paper
Screw Driver
Sea Sponge or Sponge Mitt
1 Latex Color, Flat
1 Latex Color of Similar Tone or Hue, Gloss
Paint Roller, 2 Tray's and a Finishing Brush

Scarred up and neglected dorm room walls can be easily sponge painted to give them a fresh new look. Before starting be sure a paint project of this magnitude is allowed in the dorm room.

Step 1 - Repair The Wall

Look over the wall for cracks, holes and general small scale damage. Repair with spackling compound and putty knife. Once the compound is dry, sand lightly with a finishing sand paper to smooth down excess compound. Wipe down wall with a slightly damp towel. Remove face plates and outlet covers. Tape the screws to the plate with the painters tape so the two won't be accidentally separated during the project.

Step 2 -Protect The Area

Using the painters tape, tape off trim and ceiling line to protect these areas from unwanted over flow paint. You may also want to place some sort of protection on the floor near the wall to prevent floor drips. If possible push all furniture to the center of the room.

Step 3 - Prepare The Wall

Priming the wall with a wall primer is a good practice to get into. It will minimize the number of coats your wall will need and prevent old stains from leaking through into your new paint. If the wall has been painted in an oil based paint, trying to paint over it with a latex will not work. Latex over Oil has a tendency not to adhere well and may peel over time. A primer will provide a new adhesive property over the oil and will prevent this peeling potential.

Step 4 - Paint First Layer

Cover the wall with the selected Flat paint. Complete this portion of the project just as you would paint a wall a solid color. Use a roller for the majority of wall space, and the brush for corners and ceiling edge. Allow to dry completely, based on manufacturers recommended drying times.

Step 5 - Apply Sponge Technique

Pour the Semi-Gloss paint into the 2nd paint tray. Pour enough to allow the sponge to pick up the paint by dipping. Dampen the sponge with water then dip the sponge lightly into the tray. Do not allow paint to seep into the pores of the sponge. Scrape off any excess paint, then press sponge down lightly on a piece of newspaper to remove any paint globs.

Begin sponging in a hidden area to make sure you are creating the desired look. Press the paint dipped sponge side against the wall using moderate pressure and then quickly pull the sponge back. Twist your wrist as you reapply the sponge so as not to create a stencil like pattern across the wall. Tear a small portion off the sponge to paint corners and the area near the ceiling.









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