How to Sponge Paint Your Mini Blinds

What You'll Need
Large plastic or cloth
Spray paint

To sponge paint mini blinds is a relatively easy task which does not require any expertise or expensive requirements. The most important thing is to follow these simple guidelines and be creative.

Step 1 - Remove the Mini Blinds and Clean Them

Remove the mini blinds from the window. Make sure to wipe them clean to remove dust particles and other dirt present on them. It is best to use a damp cloth and then wipe them dry with a clean cloth.

Step 2 - Lay the Mini Blinds On a Plastic Sheet or Cloth

Afterwards decide where you will be carrying out the job. It is best that you use an area which is spacious enough for you to lay the mini blinds on a flat surface or on the floor, and where they can be left to dry well by being exposed to good drying conditions including proper ventilation. When you decide where you will work place a piece of cloth you do not need or a large plastic sheet so that you will not damage the floor or working top. Then, place the mini blinds on the covering so as to start working on the sponge painting.

Step 3 - Start Spray Painting the Blinds

Start to spray paint the blinds with the color which will be the principal color and will make up the background. You may need to apply a second coating so as to ensure a more even result. Allow the paint to dry.

Step 4 - Place the Paint In Separate Containers

Afterwards place each paint color in a separate container. It is recommended to choose colors which match up well together so that they can produce a nice, complimenting effect as a result. You could use two or three different shades of the same color.

Step 5 - Dip the Sponge In the Paint and Apply Onto the Mini Blinds

Dip the sponge lightly in each of the containers filled with paint. Then, start to apply the paint onto the mini blinds. Try to do this lightly by not pushing the sponge too firmly onto the blinds. It is best to wear gloves throughout the whole process so as not to have paint on your hands. Also try to protect your clothes.

Step 6 - Create Effects With Colors

There is no strict rule as to how you can sponge paint your mini blinds. Just be creative and apply any pattern you fancy. Try to create a nice effect by mixing the colors well and alternating the way you dab the sponge onto the blinds. The most important thing is to pat and dab rather than pressing the sponge firmly onto the blinds. You may need to use a small paintbrush to paint areas which are left blank while sponging.

Step 7 - Leave To Dry

Once finished from the sponge painting process leave the blinds to dry well before hanging them and enjoying your work.

This simple painting job will give a nice, fresh look to your mini blinds and the room where they are hung very easily and inexpensively.